IT Services

IT Services

The puzzle: Find technology solutions that can help me do what I do better than what I am doing now, more affordably than what I am currently paying. Whatever I do, it should enhance the culture of my organization for my employees and clients.

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IT Products

IT Products

Anyone can order online: that’s point-and-click easy, but not necessarily the answer. How can I get the best bang-for-the-buck equipment, the right software versions, the correct licenses and subscriptions, yet pay the same or less than I would from the click-order giants?

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The Cloud

The Cloud

Okay, I’ve heard about this, and may even be doing some of it. But…. what really IS available out there that I might be missing out on? And is it something that I can understand and use every day? Or is it just the latest techno-hype to take my money so that I can look cool by saying that I am doing it?

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  • Tim Jackson, PresidentMDA Technologies

    I have known Netmender since we have been in business - . They are great people and have built a successful business dedicated to customer satisfaction by focusing on providing quality products and services.

    They have been our principle provider of computer hardware and related technical support since we started the company. Netmender also provided the cable installation when we moved into our current office.

    I have found that their pricing is competitive, they are very responsive and they stand behind their work.

  • Michael Rumberg, Deputy Controller

    Wanted to thank Netmender's expertise and service with our IT needs. Netmender was instrumental in helping Senator John McCain's Presidential campaign be as successful as it was.

  • Tom Sines, Chairman of the BoardTRIP2 - TOll Road Investors Partnership II

    Thanks for going the extra mile .. It is greatly appreciated by the Board.

  • Nancy Shaffer obo Ambassador Gil Robinson

    I can't say THANK YOU ENOUGH for the great work your Netmender people do.  I know some of them are way over-qualified for what they do for us, but I really know and feel confident about our systems, the network, the virus protection, et al.

  • I really do appreciate all the help. It makes my life a lot smoother to be able to lean on you and your team the way I do.


  • M.M. Williamson PC DDS

    We are so grateful for Netmender! Everyone we have had the pleasure to work with is knowledgeable, professional, and personable. If you do not understand computer lingo, they are very patient and will explain everything so you understand what is going on. They are always available at a moment notice if there is a problem. Best IT company around!

  • Tom McKean, CEODulles Greenway

    Well done. You guys make it look easy.

    Please extend my thanks to everyone.

  • Frances Harris, Executive DirectorACTS

    We have been working with Netmender for about five years and have always found their staff very responsive to our needs. As a nonprofit, we do not have dedicated computer techs on staff, but with Netmender it’s the next best thing. Their expertise and knowledge of networking and computers in general give us a sense of security.

  • Lawrence H. Putnam, Jr., Managing PartnerQuantitative Software Management, Inc.

    QSM has basically outsourced our IT services to Netmender. Netmender built our servers, setup our network, configured and manages our firewall, built and configured our backup system, and rack mounted everything so it looks professional. From time to time we have some hardware and software issues that Netmender is always able to trouble shoot.

  • Maria Sholly, Director of AdministrationAutostrade International of Virginia, INC.

    I offer the following recommendation with much gratitude, admiration, and respect for professional relationship which has exceeded all my expectations in its evolution, duration and continued excellence.

  • Jay A. Marx, Systems AdministratorCongressional Country Club, Inc

    Netmender has served us very well as consultants for our Local Area Network Management.

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