Organizational IT Consulting

One of the toughest challenges modern organizations face as they grow and develop is maximizing available IT resources while minimizing the costs.

On-site Support and Maintenance

Providing the best fit of technical resources for a customer’s needs and culture is the overall goal of Netmender’s service staff.

Remote Assistance and Help Desk

Many IT-related services can be performed remotely these days at a significantly reduced cost compared to those performed on-site.


Virtualization converts a workstation or server to a single file that can easily be moved about, copied and managed.

System Repairs and Upgrades

We offer repairs and upgrades to many different systems ranging from laptops and tablets to workstations and servers.

IT Human Resources

Netmender professionals can make it much easier to provide the necessary IT staff to meet present and future goals affordably with as high a degree of certainty as possible.

MattWestPoint cropped

“We work with technology, yes: but above all, we take care of people.”

- Matt Chitty, CEO

While certifications and experience are important when considering someone interested in working for Netmender, the more important, vital question we have is: “Is this someone who is motivated by helping others?”

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