At its simplest, virtualization converts a workstation or server to a single file that can easily be moved about, copied and managed.

This has some substantial benefits that include:

  •      Optimizing hardware resources
  •      Consolidation of equipment assets
  •      Enhanced fault tolerance
  •      Speedier disaster recovery
  •      Reduced risk during development or upgrades
  •      Improved technical staff productivity
  •      Drastically reduced down-time during upgrades or replacements
  •      Reduced energy consumption
  •      Easy migrations to or from the cloud

Netmender has been a certified partner with many of the main players in the virtualization industry since the early days of the technology. The staff carry certifications from EMC, HP, Microsoft and VMWare.  To see more about our certifications, click here.

Past projects include:

Migration of 24-hour critical servers into a fully redundant virtualized environment with no single points of failure.

Consolidation of 19 physical servers onto 3 virtualizations platform hosts.

Migration of a production server cluster to the cloud to facilitate a greatly reduced office footprint.

Migration of a workgroup to virtual workstations to allow any-device secure access which slashed system replacement costs and increased remote worker capability.

Provisioning of new servers with built-in capability of housing off-line copies of each other that can go “live” in an instant, if any of them fails.

And it’s not just for the enterprise anymore. The maturing of this technology has made it affordable for every size and scope of IT installation. Anyone who can afford a server can afford virtualization capabilities that can greatly enhance their computing experience.