If it can be run on any type of computing device and it is off-the-shelf software, chances are pretty good that Netmender can provide it at a competitive price.

Not sure about the proper version or licenses? Unclear as to what the hardware requirements are? Questions about the features of an operating system or application? The Netmender product sales team works closely with the people who produce it to identify the right SKU’s every time. In addition, Netmender technical staff provide extensive hands-on input to do research to locate the best solutions.

Software product offerings include:

  • Desktop Operating Systems
    • Linux (various brands and versions)
    • Microsoft Windows
  • Network/Server Operating Systems
    • Linux (various brands and versions)
    • Windows Server (including HyperV)
    • VMWare
  • Utility software
    • Backup software
    • Network/resource monitoring management
    • Protection Suites
    • Remote access
    • Security
  • Application software
    • Accounting (off the shelf)
    • Business suites
    • Database/SQL
    • Graphics
    • Meeting/conferencing
    • Messaging/communications
    • Multimedia applications
    • Productivity software
    • Project management
    • Security and monitoring
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Video surveillance
    • Web development

Netmender also manages licenses, renewals, and subscriptions for many clients, helping to avoid costly disruptions in service.