Many IT-related services can be performed remotely at a significantly reduced cost compared to those performed on-site. In addition, the time-to-response can often be much lower.

Services that can be performed remotely include:

  •    Installation, upgrades and configuration
  •    Troubleshooting, diagnostics and repair
  •    User/group/resource management
  •    Maintenance
  •    Evaluation and analysis
  •    Collaboration assistance
  •    Research and development
  •    Training
  •    Meeting management

The schedule of these offerings can include

  •    Single session (emergency or scheduled)
  •    Multiple instances
  •    Collaborative sessions
  •    Telecom/videocon
  •    Shared session/remote-session takeover
  •    Call-in Help Desk
  •    Block of time
  •    Block of instances
  •    Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly